Jan Töve (b. 1958) is a photographer and author based in Hökerum, West Sweden.

He started taking photographs in his early teens and, after completing his compulsory schooling, was apprenticed to a portrait photographer. In 1982, he enrolled at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts to train as a film cameraman, but he dropped out in favor of teacher training, graduating in 1986. During vacations he worked as a press photographer. He has been a full-time photographer and author since 1994. 

Jan Töve started as a photographer of the natural world, but over the years he has become more and more focused on the man-altered landscape. Today, in creating his images, he increasingly seeks the interfaces of nature, humankind, and society. 

Since his debut in 1996, he has published numerous books. Faraway Nearby is the latest in a new series that follows Riverside (2007) and Silent Landscape (2012).

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Faraway Nearby

Faraway Nearby can be described as a photographic odyssey in the attempt to rediscover the landscape that has always been a part of me, and which I have felt both close and distant to. 

In my photography, the landscape is of central import-ance, but I do not seek the sublime and unaffected. On the contrary. What interests me is how humans interact with the landscape and manifests its existence in a contemporary context.

Silent Landscape

The landscape opens out. And closes up. In space and time. It surrounds us in the present, withers in our forgetfulness or is sifted out from the past. The landscape is never static. It is constantly changing through geological, biological and climatological processes, as well as being transformed by man. The myth of the unspoiled landscape lives on, despite only a small portion of the earth’s surface being unaffected by our species.

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